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Erratic Ruminations [Jan. 16th, 2009|12:07 pm]
I know I've been out of the loop for some time, but was that really the end of Atlantis? All of them standing there on earth, in the San Francisco Bay? And who was that woman with Ronan? I know I missed last week's, I think they went to Vegas, but did they give him a girlfriend just for the end? I never noticed before who the big sponsor was: The US freaking Army! No wonder they don't care about our age group. Well, mine, anyway.

Lots and lots of change around here. Hubby retired, fast and furious, the wondrous state of Florida doing cutbacks because the rich rule. We lost health insurance, which seemed to be his big concern, not to mention the melodrama about being poor again. So I told my boss I was ready to take on more hours, (she'd been bugging me for some time) and now I'm working 35 hours a week, and getting health insurance for the family. Hubby got a job, he's adjusting, although his job is clerking at an ABC store in Gainesville, and he doesn't like it much. However, he's not bemoaning his fate anymore, which was driving me insane. It's much easier for me to adapt and move on than it is for him.

But I've got ask: How do you get anything done when you work so many hours?? I'm not sure I can adapt to this particular detail so easily. It sure as hell makes you appreciate your free time more!

To complicate matters, my older sister is trying to get some of my inheritance that my dad left us. She's already gotten more than twice what I got. She really is a nasty bitch. I figure her financial situation tanked with the crash, and this is some desperate attempt to get about 4 grand, a drop in the bucket compared to what she's already gotten. She won't get it; she just loves to create chaos and negativity. I kinda feel sorry for her.

Have Supernatural taped and ready to watch. I'll wait for son to show up from school--I warned him last night I wouldn't wait too long. I might have Dean withdrawal.
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(no subject) [Sep. 19th, 2008|07:34 am]
To everyone who has a birhday in late September and October: LIBRAS RULE

I was prepared to put up with one episode of Supernatural without Dean. I figured Sam and Bobby would be running around trying to get him out of hell and some weird demonthing or other creature we've never seen before would help. How wrong I was and how pleasantly surprised!
I think we're eventually going to see two demons trying to pit Dean and Sam against one another...

I have to do employee evaluations today. I only have two to do but it will be nerve racking -- a test of my resolve to be positive and diplomatic and honest, all at the same time. Is that even possible??
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Monthly Ruminations [Sep. 13th, 2008|09:17 am]
When my sister and I were going through my parents' house, trying to clean it out, I found a lava lamp. No one else wanted it (yippee!!) so I brought it home, found a spot for it, and turned it on. I love the damn thing. The other day PT said, that lamp's the most awesome thing in this house. Now that made my day.

A long time friend told me through email that she was voting for McCain. She said the women of this country needed McCain. This woman's house is built with easy money. This woman had an abortion when she was much younger. I honestly thought at first that she was joking. I don't know if I am angry or disappointed. Maybe both. I guess I didn't know her as well as I thought and that is depressing, too. I'm not sure I want to continue communication with her--and that doesn't seem right, either. But shit, I'm shocked! She was a Hillary supporter--how can you go from being a Hillary supporter to a McCain supporter, if you are weighing the real issues, not just gender or race issues? Apparently, she was, as do most voters. It's why we get such dumbass leaders.

I got the third season of Supernatural yesterday and watched the first 3 episodes last night. I love those guys, all three of them! The other day at the library some kid--third grade maybe--came in and asked for books on the supernatural. I was busy with a deadline bookorder so I just heard what he said. He went on to tell my co-worker the story of Bloody Mary, how you say her name three times in a mirror, how she came out of the mirror, etc., as in the first season episode. Obviously the kid was watching reruns and said nothing about how cool the guys were, or how good looking, or how they resolved the problem--he just liked the horror. I, on the other hand, just like the characters!
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Ruminations [Aug. 23rd, 2008|10:30 am]
We are soaked but not flooded. Fay has done a good job dumping water everywhere, we needed it! Too bad she didn't head to Georgia. I'll walk to the river later, hopefully she will be on the rise, maybe spill her banks. (Are rivers feminine? They should be if they are not.)

Yesterday I went out in the rain and fertilized my garden. I hadn't done it all summer, due to my dad's passing and all the accompanying family gatherings and tasks. Not to mention my son leaving for Michigan for grad school this past week, which was AT LEAST as traumatic as my dad's sudden death. It's still hard to believe he's so far fucking away. However, I "hear" from him everyday via email, which is more than I ever communicated with him when he lived in the next town. Strange how that works.
Anyway, I got soaked fertilizing but it felt good and satisfying, and then it rained like holy hell later--just what I was hoping for--driving those little granules into the root system of each plant.

We should move furniture today. It's still raining off and on, we still have electricity (which is shocking, but certainly nicely so. Usually we lose it in a breeze) and no one has any fixed plans. It would be nice to get a desk, dining room table, two chairs, and a cedar chest out of my living room. And now that son is moved out, we have some space to fill up! We Americans are so good at filling up space.

I promised son I would send him his books, CD's, and DVD's that he had stacked up but had no room for in the truck. His interests are intereting. He had a biography of Boy George. Several CD's by the Wham guy, George Michael, or Michael George, people with two first names always confuse me. I also found a book called How To Practice by the Dalai Lama. I made sure it got in the first box I mailed, and then put it on my shopping list in Amazon...
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Weekly Ruminations, although often it's Monthly Ruminations [Jun. 25th, 2008|07:22 am]
Yesterday a young girl paid for her computer printouts with pennies. I don't mind this, it's tough out there and people around here are counting pennies, miles, and how many errands they can run in one cartrip. But her pennies were gross. They were moist with something, discolored, and stuck together. I did not want to touch them; in fact, I told her she would have to unstick the stucktogether ones or I wouldn't take them. As she was going out the door she told me I was rude. After the door shut I went to the bathroom and scrubbed my hands.

My sister-in-law was a big Hillary supporter, as I was. But I can vote for Obama without a problem. My sister-in-law won't, because he's a word-we-don't-say-in-this-house. And she gets pissed at me for saying fuck or shit around her precious 18-year-old daughter who is just like her mother.

John Stewart made fun on Obama last night, pointing out his hyprocrisy for not taking public campaign funds after saying he supports that effort in changing campaign financing. And of course, Stewart had the clip where Obama agrees to campaign finance changes. The entire segment was damn funny, but Stewart had to remind the audience that it was ok to laugh. For Christ's sake, people, Obama ain't God.

I have a meeting with my director today. We have one every month to discuss my concerns with my branch, ideas for change, and anything else that comes up. We usually have a good talk, and I'm glad we do it. Then I have a meeting with my "team" that consists of people not at my branch, and I'm not sure why we have these teams, but I'm the facilitator, so of course I go. Today we discuss CUSTOMER SERVICE. Gee, should I use the penny girl as an example of poor customer service, or as a difficult customer?
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Geez, it's been a while... [May. 22nd, 2008|04:36 pm]
We watched a terrific Indie movie last night, called, Waitress.  The woman who directed it was freaking MURDERED after she finished the movie, which was an awful tragedy.  All the more so because we'll never see another of her efforts.  This was my kind of chick flic: poor working-class women with real down to earth problems rather than the city career types whose only worries are what to wear and how many fucking pairs of shoes to own.  And another plus about this movie was the male lead: Nathan Fillion!!  Good ole Malcolm Reynolds saving the day once again.  Oh, and Andy freaking Griffith is in it!!  It's a hoot of a movie. 

It looks like we are going to Ireland!  And soon!  We are hoping if we go in June, then oldest son will be able to go before he has to leave for grad school.  We are flying over and renting a car, after a few days in Dublin visiting places and pubs of interest.  We will drive out west to County Galway, stopping at M's family hometown on the way.  I admit, I'm excited.  Although, I dread the flight; I don't fly well at all, my head and ears begin hurting as soon as we're 100 feet in the air.  I'm looking for valium so I can just sleep through it.

If anyone wants a good laugh at my expense, Google these words:  utube Becky's homestead.  You should get a hitlist of Becky stuff, the third one down being Garden Library.  She interviews me about books in the library for homesteading (big in this area), among other things.  I look ridiculous, but maybe not as much as Becky.  It's a tossup...
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Weekly Ruminations [Apr. 30th, 2008|07:07 am]
M and PT made it through the Wild Hog Canoe Race Saturday. 15 miles of the Wacasassa River, often very narrow and winding, sometimes so little water they had to get out and drag the canoe. (M was hoping the older son would do it with PT but that didn't happen.) They arrived home proud in their T-shirts; I took pictures of the guys, with paddles, in front of the number on the canoe (59). Within an hour, they had unloaded, put stuff away, taken showers and were asleep, M on the couch, PT on his bed.

Mack has decided to come home and live until he moves to Michigan, if he can sublet his apartment. No one is happier than I.

We are having our Annual Staff Development day Friday. All the county libraries close and we all hang out together at this scenic retreat north of here. I was on the committee this year that planned the event, and we made sure we had two speakers, one for the morning, another for the afternoon, so we had little to do, really. It's just 8 hours of sitting and eating and interacting with people who, if I never saw again, I wouldn't think about. Well,maybe a few, but none are people I'd invite to my house!

Saturday is the big Master Gardener plant sale. I have my plants ready to drop off--all plants are donated by the MG's--and we make a couple thousand dollars by noon. It's a mad house for the first few hours, people almost battling to get in line because they know the prices are more than reasonable. I dug up native sunflowers, whirling butterfly plants that seem to be everywhere, and horsemint. I made cuttings of a "stinky cactus" which isn't a cactus, but a carrion plant. When it blooms, the flower kind of puffs up like a ball, and then opens, giving off a kind of icky smell, but it attracts bugs, the blowfly, I think. Needless to say, it's not a houseplant. They sell quickly, though.

PT's grades improved, except in Math, which he still failed, but not as badly. Now he thinks he can make up the semester during summer, if, he says, he fails. What?? With a 27 and 57? Let's see, 60 is the lowest D. I'm not doing the math, which is probably why he can't either, but I know he'll need AT LEAST a B to pass the semester. He hasn't made a B all year in the stupid class! However, he has a few privileges back, like being able to go out on the weekend, which he's happy about. (The 88's in English and History helped.)
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Weekly Ruminations [Apr. 22nd, 2008|07:12 am]
Cordelia has redeemed herself through Doyle. Now she is slightly amusing rather than irritating as an itchy rash. I am often easily swayed.

I worked 6 days last week, looks like I will again this week. This means cooking in the morning so the guys have food when they get home. I don't like eating at 8 at night! The only bright spot in the week is dinner with wpadmirer this Friday night.

Winifred Owens should be read by all boys and girls thinking of joining the military.

While doing a book order yesterday, I discovered that two writers I like are coming out with new novels. Leif Enger, who wrote PEACE LIKE A RIVER, has a new novel; although, it doesn't sound as interesting, but I will get it anyway. Support his effort, which is so far above bestselling writing anyday. Joanne Harris of CHOCOLAT fame has written a sequel, and, again, it doesn't sound as wonderful, but it will find space on my shelves.

PT thinks he wants to dual enroll next year. One class will be an 8 am Freshman writing course. HAHAHA. I guess I'll let him sign up, see what happens...M is trying to get him a full time job for the summer at his place--painting buildings, cleaning up the grounds, etc. That would be an eyeopener for the kid!
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Weekly Ruminations [Apr. 15th, 2008|07:40 am]
I have made a FIREFLY fan out of my son. He finally agreed to watch one, and then wanted to watch another and another. And I'm happy to accommodate: it's still funny and sad and clever the second, no, third, time around. Didn't like Serenity that much, though. Maybe a second will help its rating improve.

I started the first season on ANGEL and pretty much hate the stupid airhead girl. I can't think of her name, Claudia, or some C name. She reminds me of the girls in South Florida who kidnapped another girl and beat her up, and filmed themselves doing it! If she doesn't improve, by getting some brains, or some other redeeming quality, (I can't imagine what it could be because a brain is the first thing a female actress should demand out of her roles), she will ruin the show for me. Whedon had 3 strong female roles in FIREFLY, all of them very believable characters. The ANGEL woman does not compute for me.

The Florida legislature, probably one of the most corrupt of all the states, has decided libraries aren't important, and the House version has ZERO funding for them. The Senate version is a tad better, but the funding for my library probably won't happen. Depressing at best.

I go out to my garden every morning and squash and smash and crush little leafhoppers; the ones that escape will grow into HUGE grasshoppers that will eat an entire bush in a matter of minutes. In the morning dozens are lined up on blades and leaves of plants, asleep. So it's easy to sneak up on them and attack. I use my bare hands to remind me that I am killing these little creatures, but I can't help it. They have no reason to be here other than to cause me grief!

Son wrote a poem for English. He should make an A.

Other son has decided to go Western Michigan for grad school. They will give him a partial ride, but at 700 bucks a credit hour, we still have to come up with some money. My dad has offered help, and federal loans are available. We want him to be able to go, so we'll find the money.

I just finished COMMANCHE MOON, the story of Gus and Woodrow right before LONESOME DOVE starts. A fun fun read, although there is a terrible man in the story, far worse than Blue Duck in Lonesome Dove. That piqued M's interest, so he's reading it now.

Son needs a kick in the butt this morning to get up.
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Weekly Ruminations [Apr. 2nd, 2008|12:36 pm]
Our trip to Georgia wasn't quite the Trip From Hell, but it came close. First, we literally crawled and sometimes came to complete stops on I-75 in south fucking georgia. A totally ugly place to be crawling through. Put at least 2 hours on our trip. My back has still been achy, and I could not find a comfortable way to sit in the car. I finally traded places with PT, so I could stretch out a bit in the backseat, which helped.
When we got to Amicalola, around 5 instead of around 3--we were hoping to walk around a bit--there was NOTHING TO SEE because it was all misty and foggy from the storm that had passed through. No vistas whatsoever. Plus, it was cold and damp.
The place put on a good prime rib buffet for dinner though.
Our plan was to hike up to Len Foote lodge, a 5 mile hike there, spend the night, and then hike another 5 miles to Springer Mountain, the beginning of the AT. Back again to Len Foote, sleep, get up and hike back to Amicalola and drive home.
Well, Costello was so pissed about the weather and so goddam whiny about it, I was ready to push him out the window. We were there, we were going to Len Foote in the morning. Besides, we couldn't get the money back that was already charged to our credit card.
The hike to Len Foote is designated Strenous. If there is a Very Strenous, I don't even want to attempt it. The weather did not clear. It was misty and foggy, we couldn't even see the SIDE of a mountain. But we sure climbed up a few. I was panting and feeling the muscles in my thighs before I took one hundred steps. However, it was pretty glorious. Staying focused on the path is about all you can do, so the scenery was secondary most of the time. But we did joke about how the setting was right out of Supernatural and X-Files. We passed over 2 or 3 beautiful little mountain streams--if it had been summer, we would have soaked our feet in them. As it was, we took pictures, gulped water, PT shed another piece of clothing, and then moved on.
PT and Costello carried the backpacks with all our stuff to stay at Len Foote, which is a very simple lodge, no cells, internet, tvs, everything very environmental and off the grid. A communal bathhouse.
It felt good to arrive.
We ate at long tables with everyone else. We had to clean our plates because the staff was trying to keep waste under 4 ounces. PT didn't bring his asthma medicine and was sneezing and wheezing for awhile and couldn't eat all his food. Tsk tsk. But the dinner waste was 3 ounces. They post it.
There was a white board full of hikers' observations--one said, and it must have been recent: While hiking through these Misty Mountains, I'm sure I saw Gandalf...

The weather was not going to clear. We decided to skip the hike to Springer and come back a day early. Mostly, because they weren't going to charge us for the second night if we did't want to stay. So, it was an easy out. I did not see one mountain top, not one mountainfilled vista. Maybe next time...

The drive back was much better.
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